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Welcome to Nataupsky Family Dentistry

welcome photoWelcome to Nataupsky Family Dentistry...

You will enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques, coupled with classic, conservative, time-honored methods. This combination assures you and your family of excellence in dental care. In choosing us as your primary dental care provider you are entrusting us with the important job of maintaining your dental health. We are responsive to your needs, ready to answer your questions, and are prepared to advise you and your family through each step of diagnosis and treatment. At our office, you are considered a person, not a patient or a set of teeth and gums.

We promise to treat you as we would our own families, listening to your questions and responding to your needs.

Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we want to keep your teeth strong and healthy, with a minimum of problems and procedures over the course of your lifetime. Prevention is the best treatment. We encourage our patients to follow a dedicated self-care program combined with regular cleaning and maintenance. But when prevention is just not enough, you can rely on us. We will perform only the necessary treatments to ensure your dental health. We believe in making dentistry as simple as we can, whenever we can, while still offering more complex treatment for those who need it.