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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns, also known as caps alleviate pain in teeth and are used to hide flawed, chipped, or exceedingly discolored teeth. Porcelain crowns completely cover and protect teeth that have had extensive damage. Porcelain crowns look completely natural and offer extra support to teeth. They can greatly enhance the appearance of your smile and make your teeth much more durable.

Indiscreet metal bridges — the type that reveal unsightly, black, telltale lines right at the gum line — are a thing of the past. We specialize in implants and porcelain bridges, which can fill in missing-tooth gaps with natural-looking artificial teeth, correct speaking and chewing problems, and increase strength when biting. Implants and bridges replace missing teeth in a manner that functions comfortably and looks completely natural. Ready to discuss improving your smile — give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

Fixed Bridges Before PhotoExamples:

Fixed Bridges I

This seventy year old gentleman came to America in 1945, after surviving The Holocaust by escaping from three different concentration camps. During that time of physical abuse, he also suffered severe wear of all his teeth. This man had great difficulty chewing, and significant pain when he closed his teeth together. The teeth were very sensitive and sharp, and pains in the muscles of his face were caused by the severe deterioration of his normal bite. Dental appearance was not high priority for this person. After all he had been through, he just wanted to "function" comfortably. We felt that a cosmetic improvement would not hinder his quality of life, and could be accomplished along with the rest of the treatment. This represents a situation which requires extensive rehabilitation of the dentition. The only treatment which would reliably meet all his dental needs is fixed bridges, which are caps that are splinted (made in one piece) together.

Fixed Bridges After Photo

You can see that the bridges served to recreate a "normal" bite by restoring an ideal shape and anatomy to the teeth. The color, texture, shape, and arrangement of the teeth create a natural, masculine appearance.

Fixed Bridges Photo

Fixed Bridges II

This is an example of a woman whose teeth were too weak to be restored with bonded fillings or porcelain laminate veneers. She also had missing lower back teeth, which were best restored with fixed bridges. Obviously, her stained, decayed and missing teeth detracted from her nice smile.

We placed porcelain fused to precious metal crowns on her top teeth. These were individual caps, allowing for easy cleaning, and her gum tissue continues to remain healthy. The caps were fabricated with a feminine character in mind — a soft, natural color, with notable translucency of the porcelain recreated a very lifelike and attractive smile. Fixed bridges were also fabricated to replace missing back teeth, which restored this patient's normal biting and chewing ability. These bridges were cemented so the patient never needs to take them out.